About us

Our reputation hails from 30 years of experience in the field and from 30 years of business experience. Cusson Woodworker : Armoires et Cabinets offers a complete selection of material for cabinets and countertops, for any room and for the type of commercial use that suits you, your needs and the requirements, all the way to a flawless installation.

Renovating? Building? Planning and outlining? Cusson Woodworker : Armoires et Cabinets just so happens to be the made-to-measure specialist, whatever material tempts you. Style, precision and quality you would find in the big cities, but at the unbeatable cost of a friendly and tightly knit community.

At Cusson Woodworker : Armoires et Cabinets, we can make a customer fall twice for the same product and display, its installation, and a guaranteed satisfaction! Now, that's what we call taking full measures!